Body Fit Massage


Massaging you to Better Health

Healing through the power of touch
 To re-establish a state of good health
To Renew one's health

Welcome to our Clinic of Healing 

At Body Fit Massage we are a 'Womens Only'  clinic Specializing in Women's Health and Wellbeing. We take the time to Personalize and Customize your Massage to meet your Individual Needs. Your Health and Wellbeing is important to us and we are Passionate about promoting the Positive Benefits of Massage. You will discover how Massage helps you Relax and aids in promoting a Healthy Work/Life Balance.

We are also, a Certified NurtureLife Clinic with Pregnancy Massage Australia, Specializing in Holistic Massage Treatments that Promote Wellbeing physically and emotionally through all three trimesters of your pregnancy and Post-Natal Care.

We also, teach Certified Infant Massage classes both privately and through a small class situation. We are certified by Infant Massage Information Service. These classes will help to relax your child, which will assist with settling and soothing your child and promoting better sleep.

We offer Counselling Services to Women as well, specializing in Post-Natal & Perinatal Depression and Anxiety and Grief & Loss Counselling. Our counselling services focus on Empowering Women to feel better about themselves and truly love who they are.

Plus, we offer a range of beautiful Beauty Services with Divine Inner Peace and Beauty. Our beauty services Empower Women to feel Special and Beautiful.

"To Heal, literally meaning to make whole; is the process of the restoration of health"